Your Dealership Alternative

web-site-pics-067How does our shop stack up against the dealerships for service?  We are a superior alternative to the dealerships for many reasons:

  1. We are qualified to perform your under-warranty maintenance.  No need to return to the dealerships even when your car’s under warranty for it’s scheduled recommended maintenance.  The law states that you have freedom of choice when it comes to your maintenance.
  2. More convenient and faster.  Our customers tell us all the time that we are more convenient and faster than the dealerships when it comes to service.  It’s true.  Our smaller, more personal shop is easier for you and you can talk right to the technician that performs the service on your vehicle.
  3. We use the same OEM or better parts and fluids.  We demand perfection when it comes to reliability for your repairs and service.  That’s why we only use the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s parts or better for the service of your cars.  This gives you the greatest chance for a long-lasting car with reduced repairs.
  4. We have the same dealership level equipment.  We equipped our technicians with the same level of diagnostic and programming equipment that is found at the dealerships.  This allows us to more expertly diagnose your car’s trouble accurately, and in many cases we can even reprogram your car just like the dealerships.
  5. Manufacturer’s resources.  We have online access to accurate, up-to-date information on your car directly from the manufacturer and other reliable sources.  This means we can look up all sorts of information about your vehicle and any troubles found by others in the industry.

No need to return to the dealership, except to trade in your car and for any under warranty repairs!