The truth about automotive preventive maintenance

Mille Lacs County, Onamia Auto Repair MechanicToday, most of the newer cars run better with a longer life.  This is mostly due to great improvements in the manufacturing innovations of cars and trucks in the US and around the world.  Our cars are simply more dependable than say cars that are 10 years old.

However, some people wrongly assume some maintenance can be put off and neglected more. Cars today still need to have their routine maintenance performed to give you the benefits of a long lasting vehicle that you can depend on day in and day out.  In fact, neglecting your routine maintenance can wind up costing significantly more than in the past because the cost of repairs can be much greater.

Everyone knows they should be replacing their engine oil and filter every 3-5000 miles to keep the engine lubricated properly so metal-on-metal doesn’t break down internal parts.  That engine fluid drops its protective abilities with each mile you drive because of friction.  There are other fluids in your car that also require replacing periodically too.

While some fluids may breakdown over time because of friction, others breakdown because of heat and contamination of the fluid.  There are fluids throughout your vehicle’s various systems whose job is to protect that system.  As the fluids breakdown in their protective qualities, your systems begin a process of failure.  If neglected too much, you can find yourself dealing with a breakdown on the side of the road somewhere.

Young family getting car maintained in Mille Lacs countyAt Onamia Service Center, we are nuts about proper maintenance.  We KNOW the very real benefits to our customers and would rather see them pay a TINY fraction of the cost to prevent breakdowns, rather than see their car towed in on a tow truck.  Here are the benefits of a well-maintained car:

  • It costs you less:  You save substantially more money on your car by preventing expensive and untimely breakdowns.  For example, engines and transmissions can cost upwards of $4000-$8000 today for many of the typical cars found in Mille Lacs County today.  Maintaining your transmission every couple of years with a complete service is only $200 or so, while to replace it because the fluid isn’t protecting it anymore is $4000 or more.
  • Your car lasts longer:  You can keep your car many years longer with preventive maintenance.
  • Higher resale value: In addition to a higher value — because your car is running well and not broken down — a well maintained car that can be proven to a buyer makes the car’s resale value higher.  At Onamia Service Center, we keep all of your maintenance records on our computers in case you need them.
  • Your car is safer: a well maintained car keeps your car in optimal shape so it can stop properly, and steer better.  When you neglect things like your ABS system, or your suspension, tires or struts, your car is less safe.
  • Your car drives better:  as cars age, they feel less sure and safe.  But when you maintain certain systems such as ABS, Steering, and suspension, the car feels better when you drive it.  It’s more stable and sure-footed.
  • It saves you time and hassles!  Think about the inconvenience of a car that breaks down on the side of the road somewhere.  You have to wait for the tow truck, you have to go to our shop on your car’s schedule, not yours.  You are without your car for a longer period of time and you likely have a much more expensive bill to boot.  Compare that to scheduling in maintenance when you want and there is no comparison!